Year End Checklist

Many companies have a December year end. If you want to make your accountant happy follow these steps to make sure the books are complete and ready for year end.

  1. If you have inventory, count it and make a list of inventory on hand as at December 31.
  2. Invoice all your customers for December work and print a receivables list.
  3. Before January 15 print the payroll balancing report (PIER) and correct any errors.
  4. Keep the December bills and invoices separate from the January ones.
  5. Enter all December bills into accounts payable and print a payables list.
  6. Reconcile the bank account(s) and make copies of the reconciliation and bank statements.
  7. If you prepare the T4s make a copy of the T4 Summary.
  8. Make of copies of GST, PST, WCB returns, payroll remittances and any notices received from the government.
  9. Print or export the GL trial balance and general ledger detail to send to the accountant.
  10. Make a year end backup copy of accounting program data.