Let Integrity Technologies Simplify Your Reporting

Whether it’s for yourself or you report to someone else, you need to know how you’ve done. Accounting software lets you budget revenue and expenses monthly. This doesn’t consider things like number of new customers, hours billed versus paid, number of clicks and anything else you might want to measure. There is a wealth of information in your accounting and other systems. The problem is, it takes time to pull it up manually or tweak a spreadsheet. We specialize in custom reports. A custom report automatically summarizes relevant data and combines it with budgets, hours and other data to make key performance indicators. They let you know at a glance what’s going on. Some systems let you put KPIs on a dashboard that’s automatically updated. All accounting software has canned reports. Depending on your business you may want to add information like hours, subscriptions, room nights or something else.

If you prefer to use a mobile device, cloud apps let you access your information on the road and formatted to fit on a smaller screen. Your superiors always want to know when and how you’re spending the company’s money. With our help, you can compile and relay that information more quickly and efficiently.

We can assist you with:

  • Setting up project accounting and reporting capabilities within a fund environment
  • Restructuring Accpac GL for project cost reporting requirements
  • Performing Accpac disaster recovery for failed hardware

Control Costs and Improve Accountability with Electronic Purchase Requisitions
If you want more than purchase orders, consider a requisition system. Requests are filled out and sent electronically to an approver (or several approvers).Requests don’t become a purchase order until the final approval is given. Before requests are accepted they are automatically compared to remaining budgets and routed depending on dollar amount or other criteria. You have oversight and approvers can better manage their time.

Expense Reimbursement
The same principles can be applied to approve and process employee expense claims. The data entry is off-loaded to the employee and manager. Incomplete claims cannot be processed. Managers are informed and reminded of awaiting claims. Claims are presented to accounting personnel once they have been properly classified and reviewed. Again, the system is web-based, so it works on a computer or tablet and it is separate from the back-end.