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Sales Management in Kamloops

For selling products or managing employees, Integrity Technologies offers the sales management solutions that Kamloops business-owners need.

Want to sell your products online or ramp up your existing website? There are many choices depending on whether you need multiple pricing options, real-time inventory, credit card processing, customer portal, B2B or multi-currency, and how much programming skill you have. We can guide you through the process to find a solution that fits your business and budget.

Customer Relations
Providing good customer service starts with knowing your customer, what they buy, how often they buy and resolving issues without delay. CRM software allows your inside and outside account representatives to be immediately informed of issues when they arise. Mobile salespeople can walk into a client meeting informed. Alerts can be setup to email accounts reps when a customer’s buying pattern changes. Mobile order entry speeds up the order process and flags credit issues.

Apps for Mortgage Brokers
We have applications designed for brokers with powerful marketing tools to help you identify and contact potential borrowers, disburse funds, generate PADs and produce statements.

Employee Timesheets and Billing
By using electronic timesheets, you can allow employees to keep track of their time. They can use a smartphone so the details are fresh in their mind and add to it throughout the day/week/pay period. Time-off requests can be submitted for approval. Overtime can be banked. Email is used to notify approvers of timesheets or time-off requests awaiting approval. The smartphone app allows managers to approve requests on the go. The web front-end works on a computer or tablet. Web users have no access to the back-end accounting. Approved timesheets are transferred to the back-end for accounting personnel.

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