Payroll Tasks Are Easier with Integrity Technologies

Who doesn’t love payday? And who doesn’t like to have their bills reconciled on schedule? More to the point, what will your employees and your vendors think of you if their paycheques or compensations aren’t paid on time, every time?

Not to worry. With our payment processing software, you will be able to:

  • Direct deposit employee paycheques
  • Email pay stubs
  • See what you owe each union
  • Easily remit payroll taxes and benefits

Employee Timesheets and Billing
By using electronic timesheets, you can allow employees to keep track of their time. They can use a smartphone so the details are fresh in their mind and add to it throughout the day/week/pay period. Time-off requests can be submitted for approval. Overtime can be banked. Email is used to notify approvers of timesheets or time-off requests awaiting approval. The smartphone app allows managers to approve requests on the go. The web front-end works on a computer or tablet. Web users have no access to the back-end accounting. Approved timesheets are transferred to the back-end for accounting personnel.

Expense Reimbursement
The same principles can be applied to approve and process employee expense claims. The data entry is off-loaded to the employee and manager. Incomplete claims cannot be processed. Managers are informed and reminded of awaiting claims. Claims are presented to accounting personnel once they have been properly classified and reviewed. Again, the system is web-based, so it works on a computer or tablet and it is separate from the back-end.